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Movies released in the Philippines 2008


1 January 2008 (Tuesday)
Anak ng Kumander (MP Promotions) R13 Action
Banal (Comguild Production Company) R13 Action
Desperadas (Regal Entertainment) PG Comedy

13 February (Wednesday)
My Best Friend’s Girlfriend (Regal Entertainment; GMA Films) G Romance

27 February (Wednesday)
My Big Love (Star Cinema; ABS-CBN Film Productions) G Romance

5 March (Wednesday)
Ate (Reality Entertainment) R13 Drama
The Half Blood Samurai (Forward Films) G Action

22 March (Saturday)
Supah Papalicious (Star Cinema; ABS-CBN Film Productions) G Comedy

9 April (Wednesday)
Kadin (Bicycle Pictures) PG Drama

16 April (Wednesday)
Manay Po 2—Overload (Regal Entertainment) PG Comedy

30 April (Wednesday)
Ploning (Panoramanila Pictures) G Drama
When Love Begins (Star Cinema; ABS-CBN Film Productions) PG Romance

14 May (Wednesday)
Ikaw Pa Rin (Viva Entertainment) PG Romance

28 May (Wednesday)
Caregiver (Star Cinema; ABS-CBN Film Productions) G Drama

18 June (Wednesday)
Urduja (APT Entertainment) G Adventure Animation

25 June (Wednesday)
Serbis (Centerstage Productions) R Drama

2 July (Wednesday)
My Monster Mom (Regal Entertainment; GMA Films) G Comedy

30 July (Wednesday)
A Very Special Love (Star Cinema; ABS-CBN Film Productions; Viva Entertainment) G Romance

13 August (Wednesday)
Dobol Trobol—Ready 2 Rambol (RVQ Productions; M-Zet TV; APT Entertainment) G Comedy

20 August (Wednesday)
Loving You (Regal Entertainment) PG Youth Romance
Torotot (Viva Entertainment) R13 Drama

27 August (Wednesday)
For the First Time (Star Cinema; ABS-CBN Film Productions) PG Romance

10 September (Wednesday)
Ay, Ayeng (Aloha Pearl Film Productions) PG Drama

17 September (Wednesday)
Italy aka I Trust and Love You (GMA Films) G Comedy

1 October (Wednesday)
Mag-ingat Ka sa Kulam (Regal Entertainment) PG Horror

29 October (Wednesday)
My Only U (Star Cinema; ABS-CBN Film Productions) G Romance

19 November (Wednesday)
One True Love (GMA Films; Regal Entertainment) PG Romance

26 November (Wednesday)
Scaregivers (APT Entertainment; M-Zet TV) PG Comedy

25 December (Thursday)
Baler (Viva Entertainment) G Drama
Dayo—Sa Mundo ng Elementalia (Cutting Edge Productions) G Animation
Desperadas 2 (Regal Entertainment) PG Comedy
Iskul Bukul—20 Years After (Octoarts Films; APT Entertainment; M-Zet TV) G Comedy
Magkaibigan (Maverick Films) PG Drama
One Night Only (Octoarts Films; Canary Films) R13 Comedy
Shake, Rattle and Roll X (Regal Entertainment) PG Horror
Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat (Star Cinema; ABS-CBN Film Productions) PG Comedy

Digital Full Run
Retaso (Grupong Sinehan) R Digital Drama 010908
Sikil (New Life Cinema) R Digital Drama 011608
Condo (Breaking the Box Productions, Kamurayaw Pictures) PG Digital Drama 012308
Roxxxanne (Octoberian Films) R Digital Drama 020208
Selda (Star View Productions) R Digital Drama 021308
Endo (ufo Pictures) R13 Digital Drama 021308
Ang Lihim ni Antonio (Digital Viva) R Digital Drama 021308
Daybreak (Bicycle Pictures) R Digital Drama 022008
Pisay (Solito Arts Productions) G Digital Drama 022008
When Timawa Meets Delgado (ON Creative Production) R13 Digital Comedy 031208
Abadeha (Goldphin Entertainment) G Digital Musical 032208
Manikang Papel (Diamond Jade Films; Viva Entertainment) R Digital Sex Drama 040908
Sa Pagdapo ng Mariposa (Hubo Productions) R Digital Drama 042308 postponed
Telebisyon (Back Focus Productions) PG Digital Drama 043008
Roxxxanne (Octoberian Films) R Digital Drama 050708 re-release
Pitong Tagpo (Creative Futures) PG Digital Drama 051408
Sa Pagdapo ng Mariposa (Hubo Productions) R Digital Drama 052108
Katorse Shorts (IFC) R13 Collected Digital Shorts 061108
Hugot (Phylum Productions) R Digital Drama 061808
Tirador (Centerstage Productions) R Digital Drama 070208
Paupahan aka Crossroads (ATD Entertainment) R13 Digital Drama 070208
Barako (IFC; East Indie Pictures) PG Digital Drama 070908
Kambyo (Digital Viva) R Digital Drama 070908
Kalakal (Star Image Productions) R Digital Drama 073008
Paalam Aking Bulalakaw (Filmless Films) PG Digital Drama 073008
Imoral (Videoflick Productions; Bicycle Pictures) R Digital Drama 080608
Project X (Leo Films) R Digital Drama 080608
Confessional (Cinema One) R13 Digital Drama 081308
Years When I Was a Child Outside (IFC; John Torres) PG Digital Drama 082008
Tambolista (Cinema One) R Digital Drama 082708
Eskandalo (Sunflower Films) R13 Digital Sex Drama 082708
Quick Trip (Sinehan Digitales) R Digital Drama 090308
Room 213 (Viva Entertainment) R Digital Sex Drama 092408
Teach Me to Love (IFC; Eddie Romero) PG Digital Drama 092408
Binyag (Sunflower Films; Green Light Entertainment) R Digital Drama 100808
SEB: Cyber Game of Love (Sinehan Digitales) PG Digital Drama 101508
Sindie: GMA Workshop Series for Short Films (GMA Network) PG/G Various Shorts 101508
Lukaret (IFC; Synchronicity Films) R13 Digital Drama 102208
Altar (IFC; Cinema One) PG Digital Horror 102908
Maling Akala (IFC; Cinema One) PG Digital Drama 110508
Kurap (Silangan Pictures) R Digital Drama 111208
Walang Kawala (DMV Entertainment) R Digital Drama 111208
Xenoa 2 (Oxin Entertainment; Xion Studios) PG Digital Sci-fi Adventure 111208
Concerto— Davao War Diary (Solito Arts; Digital Spirit Productions) PG Digital Drama 111908
Lalamunan (Leo Films) R Digital Sex Drama 111908
Sapi ( Arnold ArgaƱo) R13 Digital Horror 111908
Boses (IFC; Erasto Prductions) PG Digital Drama 112608
Eraserheads—The Reunion Concert (Pioneer Films) G Concert 112608
Cul de Sac (PLDT-Smart Cinemabuhay Foundation) R13 Digital Drama 120308
100 (ABS-CBN Film Productions; MartinezRivera Films) PG Digital Drama 120308
Lovebirds (Pro.Pro) R Digital Drama 121008
Jay (Francis Xavier Pasion) R13 Digital Drama 121008
Adela (Bicycle Pictures) R13 Digital Drama 121708
Kiss Meeh, Manananggal Meeh (Sinehan Digitales) PG Digital Drama 121708

Premiere/Qualifying Run
Abadeha (Goldphin Entertainment) 021108
Seksing Pinay (Leo Films) 030808
Zombies: The Beginning ( Islands Entertainment) R13 031508
Hugot (Phylum Productions) 042308
Now Showing (Raya Martin) PG
Kasambahay (Pagilas Pictures) Unrated Horror 062808
Adela (Bicycle Pictures) 071108
Earth’s Whisper (Arnel Mardoquio)
Sisa (On Cam Productions) 080808
Latak (Outline Films) Unrated Digital Drama 082108
The Thank You Girls ( Brooklyn Park Pictures) 082808
Silent Odyssey (Miranamedina) 092008
Tiltil (Breakthrough Entertainment) Unrated Digital Sex Drama 093008
Moving Dreams (Outline Films) 102208
Padre de Pamilya (Cesar Buendia) 102208
Hikbi (Hikbi Ko Productions) Unrated Drama 111508
Hubad (samasamaGROUP) Unrated Drama 111908
Medalya (Cinemiles Productions) R13
Aurora (Bicycle Pictures) Unrated Drama 121508

Cinemalaya 071108
Baby Angelo (Arkeo Films)
Boses (Erasto Productions)
Brutus (Bonfire Productions)
Concerto (Digital Spirit Productions)
Huling Pasada (Paul Sta. Ana)
Jay (Francis Xavier Pasion)
My Fake American Accent (Dirty Kitchen Productions)
Namets (Jay Abello)
100 (Chris Martinez)
Ranchero (Michael Christian Cardoz)


Sine Klasiks

.mov Filmfest

Melancholia (Lav Diaz) R
Adela (Bicycle Pictures) R13
Joy to the World ang Prosesyon (RD Gibraltar et al) PG
Marlon (R. Jover and J. Amparo) G
Txt B4 Marriage (Rommel Sales) R13
Ala Pobre , Ala Suerte (Briccio Santos) R
Carnivore (Ato Bautista) R
Imburnal (Cinema One) R13
Ang Manghuhula (Paolo Herras) PG
Next Attraction (Raya Martin) R
Sisa (Carl and Carl Productions) R13

Animahenasyon (Animation Council of the Philippines ) 111208

Cinema One (Creative Programs)
Alon (Ron Bryant) PG
Dose (Senedy Que) R
Imburnal (Sherad Anthony Sanchez) R
Kolorete (Ruello Lozendo) PG
Motorcycle (Jon Red) R13
Upcat (Ramon Olivares) PG
Yanggaw (Richard Somes) R13

Active Vista FF (Dakila Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism)
Huling Biyahe (Rom Dongeto) R
Earth’s Whisper aka Hunghong sa Yuta (Arnel Mardoquio; Brothers of the Sacred Heart) PG
Orapronobis (Lino Brocka) R
Jay (Francis Xavier Pasion) R13
Brutus (Tara Illenberger) PG
Namets (Jay Abello) PG
My Fake American Accent (Ned Trespeces) PG
Signos (Mike de Leon; Asia Visions) PG

Cine Veritas
Adela (Adolf Alix)
Kurap (Roni Bertubin)
Imburnal (Cinema One)

up film institute /research and records/

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