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Movies released in the Philippines 2003

1 January 2003 (Wednesday)
Lastikman (Octoarts Films; M-Zet Productions) G
Spirit Warriors—The Shortcut (MAQ Productions; Roadrunner Network) G

11 January (Saturday)
Kerida (Angora Films) R

15 January (Wednesday)
Bangkero (Metro Films) R

22 January (Wednesday)
Matamis Hanggang Dulo (El Niño Films) R

29 January (Wednesday)
Sukdulan (Viva Entertainment) R

5 February (Wednesday)
Balat-Sibuyas (ATB-4 Films) R

12 February (Wednesday)
AB Normal College (Viva Entertainment) PG
Magnifico (Violett Films; GMA Films) G

19 February (Wednesday)
The Legend: Tomagan— The True-to-Life Story of Gen. Romeo B. Maganto (Jordan Films) PG

25 February (Tuesday)
Ngayong Nandito Ka (Star Cinema) G
Nympha (Regal Entertainment) R

5 March (Wednesday)
Lupe—A Seaman's Wife (Viva Entertainment) R
Malagkit (El Niño Films) R
Message Sent (Legacy Films) G

12 March (Wednesday)
Ssshhh! She Walks by Night (World Arts Cinema) R
You and Me Against the World (FLT Films) PG

19 March (Wednesday)
Silang mga Rampadora (Filmagic Productions) R

26 March (Wednesday)
The Cory Quirino Kidnap (Golden Lions Films; Cinemega) R13

2 April (Wednesday)
Sex Drive (Viva Entertainment) R
Virgin People III (Heraxus Films; Emulsion Films; Leo Films) R

9 April (Wednesday)
Palaban (Maverick Films) R reissue

23 April (Wednesday)
Bold Star (Wild World Entertainment) R
Punla (Leo Films) R

30 April (Wednesday)
Till There Was You (Star Cinema) PG
Xerex (Regal Entertainment) R

7 May (Wednesday)
Bayaran (Wild World Entertainment) R

14 May (Wednesday)
Kikay (El Niño Films) R
Walang Kapalit (Viva Entertainment) PG

21 May (Wednesday)
Anghel sa Lupa (Regal Entertainment) G
Dayo (Maverick Films) PG
Hiram (Angora Films) R

28 May (Wednesday)
Ang Kapitbahay (Imus Productions) R
Pakners (FPJ Productions) G
Ang Tanging Ina (Star Cinema) G

4 June (Wednesday)
Bigay-Hilig (Starlight Films) R

11 June (Wednesday)
Alab ng Lahi (RCP Productions; FLT Films International) PG
Bertud ng Putik (Imus Productions) PG
Ang Huling Birhen sa Lupa (Neo Films; JAGGS Entertainment) R
Operation Balikatan (Premiere Productions) PG
Pangarap Ko ang Ibigin Ka (Viva Entertainment) G
Sanib (Regal Entertainment; MAQ Productions) PG

25 June (Wednesday)
Tumitibok, Kumikirot (ATB-4 Films) R

2 July (Wednesday)
Mga Babae sa VIP Rooms (Mabuhay Cinema) R

16 July (Wednesday)
Masamang Ugat (Viva Entertainment) R13

23 July (Wednesday)
Sabik sa Pag-ibig (Vincent Films; El Niño Films) R

30 July (Wednesday)
Sa Piling ng mga Belyas (Violett Films) R

6 August (Wednesday)
Motel (ATB-4 Films) R

13 August (Wednesday)
Noon at Ngayon (Star Cinema) PG
Babasaging Kristal (ZMM Films) R reissue

20 August (Wednesday)
Nena—Inosente (Mabuhay Cinema; Victory Cinema) R
Keka (Viva Entertainment) R13

2 September (Tuesday)
Pinay Pie (Star Cinema) PG

4 September (Thursday) aka Webdiva (Maverick Films) R

10 September (Wednesday)
Asboobs—Asal Bobo (Nu Art Movies) R13
Kalabit (Vintage Productions) R

17 September (Wednesday)
First Time (Viva Entertainment) R

24 September (Wednesday)
Kung Ako Na Lang Sana (Star Cinema) G
Ligaya—Katumbas ng Buhay (Mabuhay Cinema; Victory Cinema) R

1 October (Wednesday)
Kiskisan (Starlight Films) R
Katas (Vincent Films) R

8 October (Wednesday)
Pilya (ATB-4 Films) R

15 October (Wednesday)
Bugbog Sarado (Viva Entertainment) R

22 October (Wednesday)
Utang ng Ama (Maverick Films) PG

29 October (Wednesday)
My First Romance (Star Cinema) G
Mapupulang Labi (Wild World Entertainment) R

5 November (Wednesday)
Liberated (Seiko Films) R

12 November (Wednesday)
Mapanukso (Leo Films) R

19 November (Wednesday)
Sex Scandal (Angora Films; Sacramento Films) R
Mr. Suave (Star Cinema; ABS-CBN Film Productions) PG

26 November (Wednesday)
Ako, Siya o Ikaw (ATB-4 Films) R
Chavit (Golden Lions Films; Starmax International; Velcor Productions) PG

3 December (Wednesday)
Babae sa Breakwater (Entertainment Warehouse) R

10 December (Wednesday)
Alipin (Vincent Films) R

17 December (Wednesday)
Biktima—Campus Coed (Bee Gees Films) R

25 December (Thursday)
Captain Barbell (Viva Entertainment; Premiere Productions) G
Crying Ladies (Unitel Pictures; BAS Films) PG
Fantastic Man (Octoarts Films; M-Zet Productions) G
Filipinas (Viva Entertainment) G
Homecoming (Teamwork Productions; Columbia Pictures) PG
Malikmata (Octoarts Films; Canary Films) PG
Mano Po 2 (Regal Entertainment) G

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